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Heir apparent to Jack Kirby’s Throne.

These are my choices of artists that have the skill, and storytelling ability to sit in such high regard as The King. They each have very dynanic panel layouts, and each have perfect storytelling abilities. Not a single one of them has a cookie cutter style, each stands out in a crowded comic art world. Just lke Jack Kirby, they have a line that is all there own.

1). John Romita Jr.
2). Howard Porter
3). Adam Kubert
4). Steve Rude
5). Frank Quitely


One of my personal favorite Sub Pop Singles Club singles of all time. Three Captain Beefheart tunes as done by The White Stripes. #SP527 on Red/White vinyl. Released December, 2000.

1. “Party of Special Things to Do”
  2. “China Pig”
  3. “Ashtray Heart”


I can’t believe someone else has heard this. They are the best band the world will ever know.


Favorite shows at this time

1). Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( like most Joss Whedon shows, this one seems to be taking it time to hit it’s stride. Dollhouse didn’t become great until the fifth episode. Thats when it felt like a Joss Whedon show. And, this show seems to be getting better each week)

2). The Walking Dead.  ( one ep in and I’m already worried. It was very predictable., not as bad as most of season two, but predictable. Hopefull this seaspn will be as good as season 3. Fingers crossed.

3). New Girl. ( still love this show. Funny as hell.)

4). Arrow. (Like season one. It needs more Manu Bennet. He’s the highlight of the show. The dude playing Oliver Queen is one of the worst actors one the CW, and that’s saying something. Most of the supporting cast is excellent, though. So, I still tune in.)

5). Crazy People. ( just because the bloopers at the end are funnier than most comedies on t.v.)

6). The Mindy Project. ( the Kevin Smith stuff this week was clever. I had a problem with this show last season, mostly because all Mindy did was take Kelly, her character from the Office, and put her in a doctors office. But, it grows on you after a bit, doesn’t it?)

7). Sons of Anarchy. (This show will never be held in such high regard as Breaking Bad, Justified, the Walking Dead, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Sparticus, the Wire, or the Sopranos.  And, that, dear readers is a shame).

Side note.
I’m definitely feeling the lose of The Office this season. I’m guessing it’s going to be a while  before something comes along to fill that void. Also missing Breaking Bad, Sparticus, and the Newsroom.

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